Discover Unparalleled Elegance and Functionality


Street Furniture, Drainage and Other Solutions For Urban & Suburban Development Projects

Our artisan allure has helped inspire us to couple our exquisite designs with our versatile materials and seamlessly converge them into an innovative and compelling new assortment of street furniture and other urban solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses an array of meticulously crafted items, including tree grates fashioned from both cast iron and composite stone, bollards, bicycle racks, planter fences, benches, and uniquely designed manhole covers and other custom drainage grates.

Distinguished by their adaptability, these pieces can be customised to accommodate an unlimited spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures. This level of customisation renders them ideal for a diverse range of environments, such as private gardens, parks, and expansive open spaces, as well as urban and suburban development projects within town and city centers.

Discover unparalleled elegance and functionality as our urban solutions elevates the ambiance of public spaces with a harmonious fusion of artisanal charm and nature-inspired sophistication.

  • Manhole Covers

    Our range of manhole covers are more than just practical, they add flair to their urban surroundings whilst also serving several essential functions. Each of our covers boast its own unique blend of style and durability. From traditional motifs that evoke a sense of heritage to more contemporary designs we can provide creations in different sizes in circular or squared.

  • Bollards

    Bollards are sturdy, upright posts typically installed to control or direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They serve various purposes, such as enhancing security, guiding traffic flow, or simply adding aesthetic elements to public spaces. Bollards are commonly made from durable materials like cast iron or steel, providing both functional and decorative features.

  • Bicycle Racks

    Structures designed to securely park and lock bicycles. They come in diverse shapes and configurations, ranging from simple horizontal bars to more intricate and artistic designs. Bike racks play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation by providing a convenient and safe location for cyclists to park their bikes, encouraging eco-friendly commuting practices in urban and public spaces.

  • SuDS Enhancements

    Our comprehensive product range, featuring cast iron grates in square, round, and radius designs, alongside our Jonite stone grates, presents robust solutions for SuDS enhancements. Additionally, our cast iron planter fences and tree grates not only offer functional benefits but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of SuDS areas, fostering sustainable urban water management practices with style and durability.

  • Radius Grates

    Radius grates are an integral component of drainage systems, offering a diverse selection of patterns to suit various needs. Our extensive inventory ensures the availability of existing patterns that might perfectly match your requirements; however, should you seek customisation, we're equipped to accommodate. Custom radius trench grates can be tailored to your specified width, radius, and arc length, ensuring a seamless fit for your project.

  • Planter Fences

    Planter fences are decorative enclosures designed to contain and showcase plants or flowers. These structures often serve a dual purpose, providing a boundary for designated planting areas while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the surroundings. Available in various materials and styles, these fences can help enhance the visual allure of outdoor spaces.

  • Tree Grates

    Tree grates are protective covers placed around the base of trees in urban environments. They safeguard the tree roots from foot traffic, prevent soil compaction, and allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. Typically constructed from cast iron or composite stone, they also contribute to the visual continuity of paved surfaces, seamlessly integrating with urban landscapes.

  • Benches & Seating

    Amidst urban landscapes, benches and seating take on a profound significance. They are not merely utilitarian fixtures but rather integral components that shape the city's identity. These unassuming urban furnishings extend their influence far beyond offering a momentary respite for weary legs; they foster social interaction, relaxation, and the very essence of urban planning.

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Artisanal Street Furniture: Blending Elegance

Discover unparalleled elegance and functionality as our urban solutions elevates the ambiance of public spaces with a harmonious fusion of artisanal charm and nature-inspired sophistication.

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